Oklahoma City Repertory Theater is proud to make theater increasingly accessible to the Oklahoma City community. We believe theater is for everyone.

Sliding Scale Ticket Prices:


$30 - Standard Rate: Our recommended ticket price


$15 - Discount Ticket Rate: Available to anyone for whom a standard-priced ticket would be out of reach


$50 - Visionary Rate: Audience members who have means to offer stronger support and the ability to invest further.

To access the Pay-What-You-Can donation option, use promo code OKC4ALL. Only 1 ticket may be purchased at a time using this promo code.

Receive a 10% discount on the Standard Rate for purchases of 5 or more tickets. To book an entire performance (30 tickets), please email development@okcrep.org.

Capacity for each performance is limited to 30 guests. 


April 30-May 29th


Listen and Breathe (Hugh Farrell and Tyler Keiffer)

Kelly Kerwin

Emily Zemba

Original Composition by

Kevin McNamara

Movement Direction by

Hui Cha Poos

OF A MIND: OKLAHOMA CITY is an immersive audio tour designed especially for Oklahoma City's increasing vibrant urban core.

Guided by a live narrator and set to a score of local voices, stories, sounds, and music, the participants gather as a group for an outdoor site-specific walking experience. Using your own mobile device and headphones, come for a one-mile journey through parts of OKC often missed in an exploration of mindfulness, urban ecology and social interactions.

OF A MIND: OKLAHOMA CITY is an original commissioned project made specifically for Oklahoma City with artists from Ireland, New Orleans, New York, and Oklahoma City.

Mobility Information

  • Extended standing

  • Walking

  • Uneven pathways

  • Event is wheelchair accessible