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Announcing OKC Rep's 2023-24 Season!

This season features five incredibly adventurous productions, inspired by the vibrancy of the community here in Oklahoma City. We like to think of it as a season that will feed your spirit. 

There are still two ways to get tickets to see this exciting lineup:


FOR THE BEST PERKS: Join the OKC Rep Supporters Club and get guarantee tickets (and other perks) for the next 12 months.


TO BUY ONE AT A TIME: Single tickets will become available on a rolling basis throughout the year.    


Learn more about OKC Rep's ticket pricing here. 

The Antelope Party

by Eric John Meyer
Directed by Jesse Jou
October 12-22, 2023

in partnership with Oklahoma Contemporary


“The Rust Belt Ponies Meet-Up Group for Adult Fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” gather weekly to visit Equestria—a land of enchantment aka Ben’s apartment in rural Pennsylvania. Here, these five friends role-play and revel in a pretend land where nothing bad can happen. When a foreboding neighborhood watch starts patrolling the world outside, fear and paranoia starts to seep into the circle of Bronies and Pegasisters. This timely dark comedy explores what happens when a new social order upsets the dynamics of friendship, neighbors, and an entire community.

New York Times: “CRITICS PICK”


Time Out New York: “★★★★ A timely allegory of identity and belonging... Saddle up. ”

Looking for Tiger Lily

Written and Performed
by Anthony Hudson
November 16-18, 2023

in partnership with Oklahoma Contemporary


Starring Anthony Hudson – the human vessel for Portland’s premiere drag clown Carla Rossi – LOOKING FOR TIGER LILY utilizes song, dance, drag, and video to put a queer spin on the ancestral tradition of storytelling. Asking what it means for a queer mixed Native person to experience their heritage through white normative culture as they recount growing up watching the 1960 production of “Peter Pan” featuring Sondra Lee’s blonde, blue-eyed “Indian Princess” Tiger Lily, Anthony (and Carla) draw from a songbook stretching across Disney’s “Pocahontas” to Cher’s “Half-Breed.” Not just autobiography, LOOKING FOR TIGER LILY is a coming-of-age story that’s more than cowboys versus Indians

Brett Campbell, Oregon Arts Watch:

"Touching on Disney’s Peter Pan, mid-century cigar-box Indian depictions, the absurdity of racial classification, and poignant family memories, Looking for Tiger Lily promises to be one of those rare identity-oriented shows that might actually appeal to audiences much broader than those directly implicated."

Under The Radar: On The Road

In Association with Under The Radar
January 25-28, 2024 

in partnership with Oklahoma Contemporary


OKC Rep’s annual collaboration with the Under The Radar Festival brings a show directly from the NYC festival to Oklahoma City.

Mark Russell, Director of Under the Radar, interviewed by BAM in The Oklahoman: "It gives people a wider experience of America. ... I think what Kelly's doing is at the frontlines of culture. ... Getting this intimate, very specialized work out to people to really receive it, it's great. It's been part of my mission all along. ... I think it's great to point to Oklahoma City as a success — that this work does land out there and not just in this little bubble we call New York City. Great art connects." 


by Qui Nguyen
Directed by Nikki DiLoreto
February 29 - March 9, 2024

in partnership with Oklahoma Contemporary


An all-American love story about two very new Americans. It’s 1975. Saigon has fallen. He lost his wife. She lost her fiancé. But now in a new land, they just might find each other. Part cross-country road trip, part romantic comedy, VIETGONE will take audiences on a journey through time to reexamine a pivotal moment in American history, and playwright Qui Nguyen gets up-close-and-personal to tell the story that led to the creation of...Qui Nguyen.

New York Times: “CRITICS PICK! A raucous, immensely moving comedy with a fresh, impish voice.”​


The Guardian: “Four stars! A high-energy triumph.”


Season Add-On


Of a Mind: Oklahoma City

Created by Kelly Kerwin, Emily Zemba, and Listen&Breathe
Movement Direction by Hui Cha Poos
May 9 - June 2, 202

Put on your headphones and join OKC Rep for a remount of OF A MIND: OKLAHOMA CITY, the audio-guided theatrical walking tour that originally delighted audiences in Spring 2022.

Guided by live narration—and accompanied by a score of local voices, sounds, and music— participants will meet as a group for a walking experience through downtown OKC. A voice will guide you through alleyways, public spaces, and will help you notice some secrets hidden in plain sight. The original composition features OKC’s ambient soundscape and stories culled from our neighbors in the community. OF A MIND: OKLAHOMA CITY asks us to look at our city, our surroundings, and one another, in new and meaningful ways. 

The Oklahoman: “An unlikely fusion of low-key urban adventure, mindfulness exercises and immersive storytelling using advanced streaming and audio technology.”

The Oklahoman: “A fulfilling, singular and even sometimes profound experience”

THE ANTELOPE PARTY is produced by special arrangement with Broadway Play Publishing Inc, NYC
VIETGONE is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of Samuel French, Inc. 

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