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April 30-May 29th, 2022


Listen and Breathe (Hugh Farrell and Tyler Kieffer), Kelly Kerwin, Emily Zemba

Original Composition by

Kevin McNamara

Movement Direction by

Hui Cha Poos


Natasha Abu-Fadel, Harper Jewel Harris, Kyera Fitzgerald, Chloe Jenson, Kaylene Snarsky, Dominic Brown, Nathaniel Tylor  


Oklahoma City Repertory Theater is proud to make theater increasingly accessible to the Oklahoma City community. We believe theater is for everyone.

Sliding Scale Ticket Prices


$30 - Standard Rate: Our recommended ticket price

$15 - Discount Ticket Rate: Available to anyone for whom a standard-priced ticket would be out of reach


$50 - Visionary Rate: Audience members who have means to offer stronger support and the ability to invest further.

To access the Pay-What-You-Can donation option, use promo code OKC4ALL. Only 1 ticket may be purchased at a time using this promo code.

Receive a 10% discount on the Standard Rate for purchases of 5 or more tickets. To book an entire performance (30 tickets), please email

Capacity for each performance is limited to 30 guests. 

OF A MIND: OKLAHOMA CITY is an immersive audio tour designed especially for Oklahoma City's increasing vibrant urban core.

Guided by a live narrator and set to a score of local voices, stories, sounds, and music, the participants gather as a group for an outdoor site-specific walking experience. Using your own mobile device and headphones, come for a one-mile journey through parts of OKC often missed in an exploration of mindfulness, urban ecology and social interactions.

OF A MIND: OKLAHOMA CITY is an original commissioned project made specifically for Oklahoma City with artists from Ireland, New Orleans, New York, Oklahoma City and using the voices from interviews with 30 different people who call Oklahoma City home.

Mobility Information

  • Extended standing

  • Walking

  • Uneven pathways

  • Event is wheelchair accessible


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